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Harvest Moon

The project in development stage for young audiences (4-24 months old) exploring themes of human lives inspired by the Gaelic ‘Wheel of the Year’ concept.

Harvest Moon is an abstract, interactive installation with elements of dance and live folk (Gaelic) music. The performance was inspired by the Gaelic rituals of celebrating the harvest between August and September. This time completes the cycle of rural events: planting, raising, and reaping to repeat them next year. The full moon is the central figure of the closing of this period.

The project artists Svetlana McMahon and Natalya McDonald have been inspired by the images of the growing moon, rising crops, repetitive cycle of the year etc., which led our imagination toward comparing them with the time of raising a child. Like in nature, this time is the best but the most challenging. After a long period of raising the child, the parents and growing children suddenly come across the point of separation, through which they discover new ways of relationship. 

As the mother of the wee ones and theatre makers based in Scotland, the artists want to explore parent-child relationships from early childhood to the point of “become a full moon” growing up personality linked to the Gaelic rituals and family traditions.

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